All users have the option to arrange collection or send their rental directly to the user.

Which postal or delivery service used is up to you, we do advise to use the below options to prevent any postal issues:

  • Next Day Delivery

  • Tracked Delivery

  • Always ensure insurance cover is equivalent of the RRP of your item. If your rental is sent without the correct insurance cover, the lender will be liable for the cost of the item RRP.

Sunday's and Bank Holidays:

When requesting and approving a rental, please ensure you factor in Sunday's and any Bank Holiday periods as postal services will take longer. If your rental ends on a Sunday and your chosen postal provider does not provide service on a Sunday, you must send your rental first thing Monday. Ensure this is Next Day Delivery, so it is swiftly returned to your lender.

If your rental has ended on a Bank Holiday, the same still applies, you will need to communicate with your lender that you will be returning this the day after the Bank Holiday, with Next Day delivery.

If your lender is not happy about this, you will need to extend your rental request to the following day, and return your item then.

By Rotation is not liable for any postal fees nor do we cover loss of item costs from any postal service. We can support you with guidance on how to reach out to delivery services.

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