In the case of any damage By Rotation will ensure you are reimbursed quickly for the cost of repair. If the item is damaged beyond repair or not returned, the renter will need to reimburse you for the estimated market value of the item or replace the item.

To raise a support ticket please go to the Rentals section on the app and select the relevant rental request. To help us resolve the issue quickly please do provide all the relevant information including proof of purchase, any proof of tracked postage and photos of the item

On almost every occasion, our community is extremely respectful. In addition all users on the app require verification before they can enter into any rental agreement. Our peer-review system ensures a trusted and safe community for all, and for higher-value items renters require existing reviews to make a request. If you are uncomfortable lending out your item to a renter, you should reject their request.

Please note that this does not cover any complimentary rentals, for which the renter (press/media/influencer/VIP) has to reimburse the lender for any loss or damages.

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