In the case of any damage, loss or theft, By Rotation will help facilitate your reimbursement for the cost of repair. If the item is damaged beyond repair or not returned, the renter will need to reimburse you for the estimated market value of the item or replace the item.

Escalation Process:

  • You can create a Report if an agreement cannot be made after 7 days of communications or you have not had a response for 7 days

  • Once we receive a Report we will respond within 48hrs. Please provide us with as much information as you can. This can include; photos, conversation history, dry cleaning receipts or postage tracking

  • We will then give reported users 48hrs to respond to us or the reporter via the app

  • If no contact is made, By Rotation will contact users via given sign up details, giving a further 48hrs for a response

  • If after this period if we have not been able to come to an agreement or make contact, we will attempt to take payment for any fees. If the item has not been returned we will attempt to take payment for the listed RRP

On almost every occasion, our community is extremely respectful. All users on the app require verification before they can enter into any rental agreement. Our peer-review system ensures a trusted and safe community for all, and for higher-value items renters require existing reviews to make a request. If you are uncomfortable lending out your item to a renter, you should reject their request.

Please note that this does not cover any complimentary rentals, for which the renter (press/media/influencer/VIP) has to reimburse the lender for any loss or damages.

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