All items should arrive to you as listed by the Lender. If there are any marks on the garment, these should be flagged to you upon approval. If the item arrives with any marks or flaws not flagged by the lender, please send photos to the lender on the day the item arrives to agree on a refund.

If your item has arrived in a poor condition, please notify the lender and return the item within 24 hours of receiving the rental. Please contact with the rental details and photos, and we will help with a refund accordingly.

It is your responsibility to send the item back as received. Normal cleaning responsibility after a rental falls with the lender however if any marks, stains or damage is not able to be cleaned via washing instructions you are required to pay a cleaning fee to the lender. This includes dry cleaning and alterations. This amount is agreed by lender and renter however we advise asking for proof of receipt.

We have an optional dry cleaning fee which is set by the lender, should specialist cleaning be required. We would recommend this for high price point items over £1000.

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