All listings will have an accurate size listing given by the lender and we encourage extra description if sizing may come up different. Due to international sizing standards, if you have any worries regarding size it is allways best to reach out to your lender to ask. In the event that a clothing item's fit or style has been misrepresented, you can raise a ticket for a refund directly on the app. Your lender would need to agree to offer you a refund (minus any postage fee) - not all lenders agree to this.

If your item does not fit, you must ensure...

  • You send your item back on the same day to your lender, with Next Day Delivery. Lender and renter can organize an alternative agreement between themselves.

  • Contact the lender that the item has been returned, and it is unworn due to the fit. Provide the lender with the correct tracking details so they know it has been sent.

All refunds relating to fit will be issued as credit on the app with no expiry date.

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